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PSMA Rus has started the export of diesel engines to Western Europe

  RusAutoNews.- PSMA Rus has started the weekly export of diesel engines made in Kaluga plant, as reported by Car Ru. The Euro-5 engines have been sent to the Western

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LADA may return to Europe

  RG ru.- As one may remember, the export of Lada models to Europe has been suspended since summer 2020, due to the incompatibility of the vehicles with the European

Import Export Market Passenger cars

Russian clients started to incline towards imported cars

  Autostat.- Over 56,000 Russian motorists have opted for imported cars manufactured outside their home country during the first quarter of 2021. As stated by experts from the Autostat agency,

Import Export OEMs Passenger cars

UAZ will launch automobile production in Ethiopia

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the comany press office,

Import Export OEMs Passenger cars

UAZ will launch the sales of automatic transmission Patriot SUV in Chile

  RusAutoNewsCom.- UAZ continues to expand in the Latin American market, launching the sales of the automatic transmission Patriot

Import Export OEMs Passenger cars

Russian production Haval models will be exportedto the CIS countries

  RusAutoNewsCom.- As reported by the company press office, Russian production Haval models will be exported to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. 15 Kazakh cities will be covered by the dealer network

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Truck imports have decreased by 19% in 2020

  RusAutoNewsCom.- 24.1 thousand trucks have been imported to Russia in 2020, indicating a 19.4% year-on-year rise. The monetary value of truck imports is equivalent to $1.2 billion, according to

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Passenger car imports have decreased by 20% in 2020

RusAutoNewsCom. – According to the Russian Federal Customs House data, by the end of the January – December period of 2020, car imports to Russia have decreased by 19.7% year-on-year