AVTOVAZ will release 10 new Lada models in 6 years

AVTOVAZ will release 10 new Lada models in 6 years


Motor.ru.- Avtovaz will manufacture 10 new Lada models and six upgraded versions of existing models in the next 6 years, as stated by the company.

As told by the director of the Lada B/C programme Alexei Likhaev during an online conference of the Togliatti State University, the first seven new vehicles will be released in the market within the next couple of years. Vesta and Largus families will be upgraded, alongside five new models.

The remaining models will be launched in the market between 2023-2026. The company will upgrade five existing vehicles and release five other new Lada models. So far, the company has not made any specifications as to model line updates.

The serial version of the 2020 concept Lada 4×4 Vision is most likely the first vehicle in question. In addition, as became known in October 2019, the model range will be completed with the compact Lada Van, which will be built on the basis of Renault Dokker. As stated by the company, currently there are no plans to introduce a similar vehicle to the market.

Meanwhile, registration documents of three Avtovaz trademarks have been published at the Rospatent database earlier in May: Tensa, Forta and Kayna. All of the names have been patented in two product categories: automobiles and toys, for the purpose of usage as both new models and souvenir products by the company.

In the meantime, Avtovaz had promised to launch eight new Lada models and upgrade ten existing vehicles the last time the company announced a six-year plan. Apparently, the strategy of the Russian manufacturer has slightly changed since the end of 2018.