Avtovaz will manufacture 600,000 cars per year on its new CMF-B-LS platform

Avtovaz will manufacture 600,000 cars per year on its new CMF-B-LS platform


Drom.ru.- Avtovaz plans to manufacture 600,000 vehicles on a yearly basis on the newly built Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS platform, according to the internal documents of the company. The aforementioned quantity will be formed of Lada and Renault automobiles manufactured in Togliatti.

CMF-B-LS will become the main chassis for Avtovaz, gradually replacing the platforms of the company (Granta, Niva) and the outdated B0 (Largus, XRAY, Renault Logan and Sandero). The entire model range of Lada will be based on CMF-B-LS, excluding the Vesta line, which is manufactured on their own base, albeit widely unified with Renault. As one may remember, Vesta is the only model produced in the Izhevsk plant of Avtovaz.

The first commercial Togliatti production Lada and Renault vehicles will be released in 2021 and the project is expected to reach full capacity by 2025-2026.

As a reminder, Avtovaz started to purchase equipment for vehicle production on CMF-B-LS platform, as became known through various information channels at the end of June 2020.

As reported at the end of May 2020, Steering Systems company based in Togliatti, a supplier of Avtovaz, received a preferential loan from the Industrial Development Fund in the amount of 192 million rubles, for the implementation of the localisation project on the production of steering systems for vehicles on the Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS platform.

CMF-B-LS is an adaptation of the new Renault-Nissan platform CMF-B for developing countries. The prefix LS stands for Low Specifications, in other words, a simplified version. There are currently no vehicles manufactured on CMF-B-LS chassis in Russia. The latest Renault models for Russia: Arkana and Kaptur II crossovers are manufactured on B0+ basis, the modernised version of the first generation Logan B0 platform. However, the future models of Lada will be built on CMF-B-LS, which promise stardom in sales.

As Drom.ru found out through its sources in 2017, the next generation of Lada Granta would be built on CMF-B-LS platform, however, the director of Avtovaz at the time: Nicolas Maure revealed later on in 2018 that the platform was reserved for Lada Niva 3, which is a completely new Niva, the forerunner of which is the 2018 Lada Vision 4×4 concept vehicle. According to preliminary information, the new Granta and Niva will be put on the market in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The new generation of Dacia Logan/Sandero models for the European market will be manufactured on CMF-B platform.