LADA Granta: 10 years on the conveyor

LADA Granta: 10 years on the conveyor


RusAutoNews.- Since the launch of its production on 29 November 2011, Lada Granta has become the most affordable and popular car in Russia.

Granta has been created as a budget model and remains the most affordable car in the Russian market at present. At the same time, the project has become advanced for the Russian automotive industry in many aspects. The first batch of Granta was sold by preliminary internet orders. A technology, which was developed for sport models previously, was used on the chassis of the automobiles, in particular, the negative camber, which improves handling. The vehicle was equipped with an airbag for the driver, even in the basic version. Granta has become the first mass production Russian model to be equipped with an automatic transmission.

More than 1 million Lada Granta vehicles have been manufactured in ten years. Besides the production site of Avtovaz in Togliatti, the assembly of the automobiles has been organised in Egypt, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Granta became the best-sold model in the Russian market in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020 and took the second spot in 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The model is currently the leader of sales in 2021, by the end of the first ten months.

Today, Lada Granta is available in 6 versions: sedan, liftback, estate, hatchback, estate Cross and sedan Drive Active. The automobiles are equipped with three variants of 1.6 litres Lada engines. The 8-valve (90 hp) version is aggregated with a manual gearbox, the 16-valve (98 hp) is combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission and the 16-valve (106 hp) is used in conjunction with a manual gearbox or an automated mechanical transmission. A number of special vehicles are manufactured on the basis of Granta: training vehicles with an additional set of pedals for the instructor, a manual car for drivers with disabilities and semi-frame commercial models with a load capacity of up to 915 kg.

First Lada Granta from the conveyor