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AVTOVAZ will release 10 new Lada models in 6 years Avtovaz will manufacture 10 new Lada models and six upgraded versions of existing models in the next 6 years, as stated by the company. As told by the

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Volkswagen Kaluga plant has notified the government of staff cuts

  RIA.- Volkswagen Group Rus Kaluga plant has notified the regional authorities of upcoming reduction in staff numbers by 79 people from June onwards, due to the sharp decline in

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Avtotor plans to cut the car production by 40% in 2020

  RBK.- Avtotor plans to make an average cut of 40% in automobile production in 2020. The relevant statement has been made by the founder of the company Vladimir Sherbakov,

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Russian car market has declined by 72% in April 2020

RusAutoNewsCom. – As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Russian car market has decreased by 72.4%, or by 102,089 units year-on-year in April 2020, and amounted to 38,922 vehicles.

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Russian used car market has plummeted to half its size in April 2020

  Autostat.- Russian used car market: According to analytical agency Autostat data, 251,800 second-hand cars have been sold in Russia in April 2020, indicating a 48% year-on-year shrinkage. Russian brand

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A biofuel version of UAZ Pickup will be manufactured The biofuel modification of UAZ Pickup has been approved on the open database of Rosstandard. The vehicle will run on both petrol and compressed natural gas – methane.

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AVTOVAZ has registered new names for future LADA models Avtovaz has registered three new commercial names for future Lada models: Tensa, Forta and Kayna. The names have been issued both in conjunction with the Lada brand and

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St Petersburg Nissan factory plans to resume production on 18 May

  Autostat.- St Petersburg Nissan factory plans to resume car production on 18 May in two-shifts regime. The relevant statement has been made to Autostat by Nissan press office, reminding

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St Petersburg Nissan factory will lay off hundreds of employees

  Interfax.- 450 employees of St Petersburg Nissan factory will be subject to dismissal, due to the transition to single-shift operation. “We will switch to a single-shift working regime towards

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Two Avtovaz employees have been infected with the Coronavirus

  Rambler.- Two new cases of Coronavirus infection have occurred amongst the Avtovaz staff, as announced by the official trade union of the plant. “The number of infected people has